Transtar Holding Company

Industry leading automotive brands focused on world class customer-service, quality, and innovation.

Our Core Strengths

  • Technology

    A Commitment to Innovation

    Innovation is how we deliver leading-edge products and services to our customers, and to do it right, we must not only disrupt the industry, but transform ourselves as well. By developing revolutionary technologies like transend™ and our Remote Assisted Programming (RAP) kit, Transtar anticipates market and client needs – before they realize they need them.

  • Distribution

    Advanced Logistics

    With robust systems and advanced logistic capabilities, Transtar’s extensive North American network of distribution facilities connects customers to products in the most efficient and effective manner possible, with exceptional speed of delivery. Transtar is the undisputed aftermarket leader in transmission and driveline excellence.

  • Manufacturing

    A Solid Foundation

    The Transtar family of brands represents a collection of high-quality manufactured and remanufactured automotive products, including transmission and drivetrain components, air conditioning compressors and autobody refinishing solutions. Transtar’s manufacturing processes utilize state-of-the-art technology, resulting in end products that are unrivaled in their industries.

Transtar Holding Company Family of Brands